Richard Ojeda Releases New Campaign Ad

Candidate for Senate in West Virginia, Richard Ojeda has recently released a campaign ad for his congress campaign. This bid for congress comes after a failed presidential campaign in 2019. Ojeda supports a populous message and is known for advocating on behalf of teachers and coal miners in his state. He is running against fellow democrat, Paula Jean Swearengin, and the republican on the bid is Shelly Moore Capito. Swearengin has received support from Senator Bernie Sanders, and Ojeda has reverently revived support from presidential candidate Andrew  Yang. 

After Yang’s supporting tweet for Ojeda, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if Yang endorsed him. As the election progresses, whether Richard Ojeda or Paula Jean Swearengin appears to be the front-runner will become present. As the election progresses, we will publish more updates.

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