Safety Advice for Antifa Super-Soldiers Tomorrow

You might want to wait this one out

This Martin Luther King Day, Militia Members are planning a march on Richmond city, the capital of Virginia. The march is lead by alt-lite group Virginia Citizens Defense League. The even was originally meant as a smaller lobbying event, but it has grown to be something much bigger after more groups have gotten involved. No weapons are allowed at the protests, and National Guard is expected to be there. The areas of the city that the weapons ban affects may vary, but they are preparing fencing and cameras around the statue of Washington, pictured below.

The rally is less race/identity politics driven than Charlottesville, since the cause was a gun bill, not the removal of a statue. Less neo-nazi groups should be in attendance, but there will be an elevated amount of general militias and second-amendment groups. The police will be putting a large amount of effort into securing large, central parks, but they will only be enforcing the weapons ban strongly in that area, so your safety isn’t as guaranteed outside of those central areas. With large groups like this, safety efforts can be undermined since people will move and consecrate in unexpected areas. Being here on Monday will be very unsafe, especially if the weapons ban is unsuccessfully enforced. The last thing that you want to happen is you getting shot, especially with the healthcare costs in the US. You might want to wait this one out.

If you are still set on going to the rally despite our warnings, we can’t stop you, but here are some basic crowd and first aid safety tips.

  1. If you get stabbed, leave whatever it was in, since pulling it out can lead to more bleeding, also seek first aid ASAP to prevent further health issues.

  2. Be aware of your surroundings, if you see someone with a gun who is violating the rules, report it.

  3. This should go without saying, but physical violence should be avoided as much as possible. Optics are important, and political violence can lead to your side being negatively interpreted by media. Avoiding fights at a rally like this is also important, since you can’t know for sure who has a gun or weapon, civil disobedience and peaceful protests are better for your movement’s safety, and your personal safety.

  4. Stick with a group of people who you trust, getting cut off in an environment like this is something you need to avoid.

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