Q&A with David Childers from WV District 14

We asked Democratic candidate for West Virginia District 14, David Childers a set of questions over the phone. The general election for his ticket is on November 3rd, 2020. He will be running against Randy Smith. Your can find David Childers on Twitter @childersdavid72.

What are some issues that affect your district?

There are a lot of issues that affect our districts, for one, it’s the Opioid epidemic. It’s outrageous; it’s ungodly. I’ve been to funerals for kids I used to coach in Little League Baseball. I’ve seen kids I’ve coached in Baseball go to prison. It’s affect me personally as well as in family members. We are not doing enough in West Virginia for our drug epidemic. The rule of thumb here is that we’re going to bust you, and we’re going to throw you in jail, and that just doesn’t work. We need halfway houses, we need more resources to help these people, to get these people back in society, and giving back to society, and working instead of throwing them

What’s the platform you’re running on?

My platform is, for one, lets get control of the opioid epidemic; let’s do what’s right. Another piece of my platform is a $15 dollar minimum wage. We have way to many people working one, two, three, even four jobs trying to make ends meet. I live in rural West Virginia, these guys are working at Walmart and other stores, in fact, the biggest employer in West Virginia is Walmart. You can’t pay your rent, you can’t pay your bills making 9 dollars an hour. So we need to have a 15 dollar minimum wage. The more money people make, the more money they are going to spend, the more money that’s going into the local economy, and the 15 dollar minimum wage is a start. 

Who do you lean towards the most in the Presidential Race?

Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sander carried all 55 counties in 2016. I supported him in 2016 and I support him now. I believe in Medicare for all. I’ve seen first hand the struggles that people have to go through because they can’t afford their medical bills. Right now, I have a $15,000 medical bill for a shoulder surgery that I’m still paying off.

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