The PS5 Could Be Sony’s Last Console
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This year will be an exciting year for gaming enthusiasts as the brand new consoles will be released by Sony and Microsoft. Both companies have given gamers a good idea of what to expect when the PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Series X are released this year. But don’t be surprised when the next generation doesn’t know what a PlayStation is. Other rival companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon may send the newest console, PS5 (Play Station 5), into oblivion because of their domination in cloud infrastructure.

Even though Sony recently stated that offering a price range for the PS5 is difficult, but we know that the PS5 console will obviously be priced higher than the PS4. The IHS (Information Handling Service) Market estimated that the PS4 had a bill of materials of $381, although the PS4 was launched at a price of $399. This means that Sony would hardly make any profit by selling the console itself if we factor in other costs such as marketing. Since the PS5 console has been reportedly jumped over 18%, we could expect the price of this new PlayStation to be around $500. That also means an expensive console could end the trend line of the PlayStation line.

There are other competitors such as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon who are busy working on delivering console-quality games to smartphones at much lower prices. Microsoft, for instance, is looking past the consoles. Its Xbox Project, xCloud, is allowing gamers to enjoy more than 50 Xbox titles on their Andriod smartphones or tablets using Wi-Fi or mobile data. Microsoft stated that users could enjoy console-quality games from their handheld devices without wasting any time. Even though Microsoft hasn’t released the price of this platform yet, it is unlikely to be very expensive. When the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is bought, you will immediately get free games and able to play online. If you buy this Game Pass, you won’t have to buy a console like the PS5. You can just simply pull out your smartphone to access many games.

The alarming thing for Sony and the PS5 is that Microsoft is not the only company going for a cloud gaming market. Google, for instance, is arranging to offer a free version of its Stadia cloud gaming service. But over the next few months, you will be able to experience Stadia for free. Since there are many phone users out there, thus, Microsoft or Google has a better shot at succeeding in the cloud gaming space than Sony. Users can just buy a capable smartphone and then they can stream games right from Cloud. This is where Sony is lacking, the fact that Sony doesn’t change their products to what the people want is a problem for their company. Users want something that is not expensive, something that is easy to access, and something that is entertaining.

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