An Investigation into Tara Reade’s Sexual Assault Allegations against Joe Biden

Each allegation of sexual assault must be paid attention to, and the #MeToo development has surely given the survivors of sexual provocation and assaults a more noteworthy shield of trust in approaching with less dread of being assaulted themselves. With this stated, the media must altogether explore allegations before bouncing into a story and permitting those allegations to possibly crush another person, or, right now, political battle. Every woman has the right to be heard, however, every news source despite everything has the obligation of examining and afterward transferring to the open the entirety of the realities at face esteem. This is why we are publishing this, we feel as journalistic responsibility to set the record straight on the allegations against Joe Biden. This in no way exonerates Biden from these allegations, and we want a more in-depth investigation into this situation.

Alexandra Tara Reade came out with very upsetting allegations against former Vice President and current 2020 Presidential contender Joe Biden. In April of 2019, Reade initially said that Joe Biden’s handiness caused her to feel awkward when she filled in as a Senate helper in 1993. At that point, she said that she didn’t believe Biden’s activities to be sexualized, instead comparing her experience to that of being a beautiful lamp.

This story changed a week ago when Reade partook in an interview with the podcast host Katie Halper. In the meeting, Reade asserted that then-Senator Joe Biden “infiltrated” her, without wanting to, with his finger, in an experience that occurred in ’93. Below this paragraph, we included an embedded copy of the interview.

While the allegations made by Reade are difficult, examining Reade’s actions over the years and other evidence that has been archived on the internet brings the integrity of the allegations into question.

Below we will cover many of the inconsistencies in her story, and contradictions she has made over the years, plus the evidence that paints a picture of someone who went from seemingly adoring Joe Biden and disliking Vladimir Putin in 2017, to someone who showed compassion and love for Vladimir Putin in 2018, to someone who accused Biden of sexual assault 2019 and 2020. Please read to the end before coming to a conclusion, and we strongly advise you to also listen to the podcast embedded above so you can get a full picture of what has happened.

Tara Reade's History

Alexandra Tara Reade has gone by many names and aliases over the years. She was born as Tara Reade Moulton, before changing her name in her early 20s to Tara Reade, then changing it back to Tara Moulton, and then changing it once again later in life (after marriage) to Alexandra Tara McCabe. This can make finding historical complaints and documents complicated because many of the names don’t match up. We wanted to get this out of the way because account and document name differences may be confusing. It appears that sometime between 2017 and early 2018 she began calling herself Alexandra Tara Reade, at least online, which is what she has gone by in interviews.

According to a website that she has since deleted, Reade is the founder of Gracie’s Pet Food Pantry, graduated from Seattle University School of Law, and was the co-host, creator and producer of a soul music radio show called “Soul Vibes” on KNRY — an AM radio station that serves the Santa Cruz and Monterey areas in California.

At one point in her life Reade worked on the domestic violence unit for the King County Prosecutor, in Seattle, WA, as a ‘Victim’s Advocate,” and on at least one occasion testified as an expert witness on domestic violence. She also worked for former Congressman Leon Panetta, former Senator Joe Biden, and former California State Senator Jack O’Connell.

In 2017, She Praised Joe Biden for His Comments and Work on Sexual Assault

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Twitter account under her legal name (Alexandra) Tara McCabe.

Between September of 2016 and May of 2017, Alexander Tara Reade used a Twitter account, under the name Tara McCabe, to praise Joe Biden via tweeting, retweeting and liking various Tweets. There are multiple examples of this, as seen below.
In the below instance, Reade retweeted a tweet by Margaret Cho that commends Joe Biden for working with Lady Gaga to combat sexual assault.

Then once more in April of 2017, Reade liked a tweet from the Huffington post that praised the previous Vice President for helping men understand how important they’re in the fight against sexual assault. The article commends Biden for the steps he has taken to encourage men to take responsibility in stopping assaults against women.

In March of 2017, Reade made a tweet stating that Joe Biden “speaks truth,” and encouraged her followers to “listen” to him.

In November of 2016, a few weeks after the general election, Reade liked a tweet by President Obama, wishing Joe Biden a “Happy Birthday,” and calling Biden “the best Vice President and friend” that he could have had.

The Alexandra Tara Reade/Moulton/McCabe Timeline

Here is a more complete timeline of events by @eddiekrassenstein, regarding Tara Reade’s actions toward both Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin.

  • December 1992 — August 1993 — Tara Reade worked as a Senate aide in Joe Biden’s office.
  • 2009 — Reade commended Biden for actions he has taken against domestic violence.
  • 2017 — Reade repeatedly attacked Putin and Russia on Twitter for election interference and for Russian legislation that legalized domestic violence.
  • 2017 — Reade repeatedly praised Joe Biden through tweets, retweets and “likes” on Twitter. On multiple occasions she boosts him for his work on helping end sexual assault.
  • 2018 — Reade claims she liked Russia since she left Washington DC (Over a decade ago), and praised Putin and Russia over and over again. She also directly praised Putin for his treatment of women in multiple articles.
  • January of 2019 — Reade first begins talking about her sexual harassment allegations against Joe Biden on Twitter.
  • March, 2019 — Reade continues to praise Putin.
  • April, 2019 — Reade comes forward with her original allegations against Biden, but says his actions were NOT “sexualization,” but rather compared his actions toward her as being demeaning and treating her like a “pretty” lamp that is thrown away when it’s too bright. She also claimed that her story was not “a story about sexual misconduct.”
  • September 2019 — Reade calls on Joe Biden to be investigated for his dealings with Ukraine.
  • January, 2020 — Reade continues to praise Vladimir Putin on Twitter.
  • March, 2020 — Reade comes forward again, this time claiming that Joe Biden did sexually assault her in 1993.
  • March, 2020 — Reade tells Vox News that she started liking Putin and Russia in 2018 after “watching Noam Chomsky,” but no longer likes Putin after finding out about domestic violence in Russia. 

From our research, we don’t feel safe saying that Reade is involved with Putin or Russia, and her timeline with Russia, although unusual, seems to not play a difference in her stance on the allegations. Many of the connections that have been made don’t follow the timeline themselves. As more investigations come out, we should know more about the accuracy of these allegations. 

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